Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lovely Angels in Cimmeria

While I wait another couple weeks to get a new scanner, we'll look at what's been doing with DP since I was last able to work on the site in spring 2007.  Takachiho-sensei published the first two-volume Dirty Pair novel (there had been one Crusher Joe two-parter back in 1989-90), with acknowledged influence by American author Robert E. Howard.  

The premise is that there are some sort of shady goings-on in a planetary theme-park, involving the interstellar crime syndicate, Lucifer.  The park hosts what is essentially a massive multiplayer role-playing game, based in swords-and-sorcery.  So Kei takes up a sword, Yuri becomes a magic-user, and they must infiltrate the "game" to get to the bottom of whatever it is that is underway and take whatever measures are needed to stop it.

The first part, Daatipea no Daiseifuku <The Dirty Pair's Great Conquest>, appeared in trade paperback on 30 April 2006 (at left below) [which I'd already noted in my old, now deceased blog] and was reissued in regular format on 23 April 2008 (at right below).


The story concludes in Daatipea no Daiteikoku <The Dirty Pair's Great Empire>, released in trade paperback on 24 October 2007 (left below), then reissued in standard size on 19 March of this year (right below).


The covers, color frontispieces, and black-and-white interior illustrations are, as always, provided by Yasuhiko Yoshikazu.  (I  will post more of his work from these books on my site once I can scan them.)

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